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Ivey Global is a privately held conglomerate company that is parent to several fully-developed internet brands which have been born out of our world-class domain name portfolio. It was founded in 2021 and is based out of New York. However, we have been active in the space for well over a decade, with an eye for innovative and feasible business ideas, that we build from the ground up into successful internet companies that make a difference. A great domain name is the foundation on which a great online brand is built; making a company distinctive, memorable, professional and engaging. With Ivey Global, our mission is to launch businesses over a wide range of verticals, that makes a difference and create generational wealth. 


About Us

Overview Of Our Flagship Brands

We own a portfolio of world-class domain names and constantly strive to build them out into successful brands. 

Our Brands
Business Owner in Workshop

Business Ownership

Creating our own economic opportunities, instead of passively waiting for an economic cure, brings true  satisfaction and freedom. We believe business ownership is more  than a pursuit of passion or a way to make money; It is truly a major key to  level income disparities and build generational wealth.  At  IVEY GLOBAL, building businesses is in our DNA. Our ideation process helps us identify market trends and uncover unmet customer needs; which in-turn creates value and generates passive income.

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